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ImPACT® Baseline Concussion Testing & CAHA Concussion Protocol

Welcome to the Anaheim Ducks High School Hockey League Concussion Testing and Protocol Page.  All ADHSHL participants MUST follow these instructions for ImPact Baseline Concussion testing and return-to-activity after a concussion:

1)  PRINT - ImPACT Testing Worksheet and Consent Form - Complete and Sign

2)  SCHEDULE - ImPACT Baseline Concussion Test



To sit for the testing you MUST bring the completed IMPACT Testing Worksheet on the scheduled day of testing.


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When a concussion occurs, it MUST be reported within 48 hours to the ADHSHL Concussion Testing & Management Program at

Once an athlete receives written clearance for return-to-activity by a medical professional trained in the management of concussions, a copy of the CAHA Concussion Clearance Form on this page must be submitted to the ADHSHL Concussion Testing & Management Program at

CAHA Concussion Awareness

The ADHSHL abides by the California Amateur Hockey Association (CAHA) Concussion Protocol. The purpose of the protocol is to raise awareness, educate those involved with the game about concussions and make sure our youth hockey players are safe and healthy.

The CAHA Concussion Protocol:

An athlete who is suspected of sustaining a concussion or head injury in an athletic activity shall be immediately removed from the activity for the remainder of the day, and;

shall not be permitted to return to the activity until he/she is evaluated by a licensed health care provider, and receives written clearance to return to athletic activity from a licensed health care provider.

  If the licensed healthcare provider determines that the athlete sustained a concussion or other head injury, the athlete shall also complete a graduated return-to-play protocol of no less than seven days in duration under the supervision of a licensed health care provider. The new USA Hockey concussion management program Return to Sport criteria has been added to the back of the evaluation and return to participation form.

ADHSHL Concussion Clearance

Once an athlete receives written clearance for return-to-activity by the evaluating medical professional, a copy of the CAHA- Concussion Evaluation and Return-To-Participation Protocol must be submitted to the ADHSHL 48 hours prior to any game at    

Education Materials:


Dr. Jason Galea

Program Director

Craig Kelsey

Program Coordinator